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Classes in all sorts of dye styles: batik, ice dye, shibori, and good old summer-camp-style tie-dye!

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Gorgeous hand-dyed garments made in small batches with love in our Asheville studio.

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We bring our mobile tie-dye studio to your birthday or team party, work event, bachelorette evening... you name it!

Classes happening now:

upcycling old clothes with dye

Explore your old, stained clothing from the back of your closet and learn how to transform fabric with professional dyes and dyeing techniques. Found an old yellowed shirt at the thrift store? Pants that have a coffee blotch? Peeling beets in white again? We've got you! Bring one item.

ice dye workshop

Ice dyeing creates incredibly beautiful, intricate results... and it's completely different than traditional tie-dyeing. In fact, most of WAXON's most popular clothing is ice-dyed, which makes it appeling to those who "wouldn't normally wear tie-dye." It's easy to explain, and easy to do...

intro to tie-dyeing

Tie-dyeing is easy to do, but it helps to have a little hand holding the first time you do it. This class is designed to give you all of the insider info to help you learn to become a tie-dye master. You will be bringing your shirt home with you to wash (washing instructions included).

last minute gifts: tie-dye edition

Oh no, how did it get to be the week of Christmas already?! Don't fret, because WAXON Studio has just the thing. You can create custom gifts for your entire family/ friend group/ work cohort/ flock of seagulls, and do it colorfully.


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