Shibori Basics class

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Shibori– Japanese tie-dye– is simple, pleasing the eye, and a lot more varied than you think! Using just about anything to clamp, bind, fold, and wrap the fabric with household objects, you can experiment with a traditional one-color effect or go crazy with multicolor projects. We teach you about the dye chemistry, the patterns you can make, how to fold them up and bind them, and how to dye them. Whether you choose to BYO item to dye or if you need an item to dye from our stash (we stock plenty!), this is a fun and affordable class for all! Scroll down to see how pricing works.

Need a t-shirt to dye? We have pre-washed, unisex cotton shirts for you! $5 each. Sizes infant through adult 2X. Crew neck (with v-neck in some sizes). Choose size when you arrive at WAXON. Or: bring your own, but please pre-wash.

*Please select how many people in your party need a shirt.*

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Pricing is per person. There are no group discounts for age or group size. Everyone gets an incredible hands-on lesson!

You do not have to decide right now whether you’ll bring something to dye or not! By booking here, you’re securing your spot. You can purchase a shirt now or wait til you come in. If you later decide you need something to dye, you can purchase your dyeable item(s) when you arrive.

In general, our tie-dye pricing goes like this:

  • $30/pp if you bring your own item to dye and take it home with you to wash (we have washing instructions for you, it’s easy). 
  • $35/pp if we provide an item for you or wash them for you after.
  • $40/pp if we both provide the item and do the washing & drying.

Additional items are $5/ea to dye, and we have plenty of shirts available at the studio! No need to decide now, you can add items on when you get here.

Not sure if you’ll want to take them home to wash, or not? No problem, you can pay for our wash & dry service when you are here.

Need your items shipped to your home out of town? No problem, we can add shipping for you once you’re in the shop!

We usually open online bookings one-two months at a time. Need a date further in the future? Email us!


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