Ice dyed striped tie-dye shirt in size medium


This listing is a size medium, crew neck tee with short sleeves. It’s a psychedelic, 100% cotton, trippy, soft, ice-dyed hippie festival t-shirt! Read more about it below.

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Size medium, unisex, soft washed cotton. Pre-shrunk!

This hand-dyed garments is like no other: there’s only ONE!  Using professional dyes, soda ash, string, and ice cubes, we have created this one-of-a-kind work of wearable art that will look incredible day or night.

A note on ice-dyeing:
At first, ice dye was something we thought was just a passing fad, a silly “additional” trick you could do with fiber-reactive dyes… and then we tried it. The results are mind-blowingly beautiful and complex, and so very eye-catching! Sixteen years of tie-dyeing in the traditional way was turned on its head. We soak the garment in soda ash fixative and tie it up just like a “normal” tie-dye, but then, instead of mixing dye powders with water and applying it with bottles, we cover the garment in ice cubes and apply the dye powder directly on top of the cubes! As the ice melts, the professional dyes are diluted and deposited organically, creating insanely cool fissures and shading that we could never achieve with bottles.

All of our garments are made by hand, one at a time, with the same professional fiber-reactive dyes we have been proud to use for years. You can expect machine washable, dryer safe, fade-proof clothing for decades to come!

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