Ice dye add-on for Over the Selvege members


$10/yard single color split. This is our favorite method! Let the single dye color speak for itself, splitting apart over the ice cubes into all its component colors. You get surprise inclusions of fabulous areas of color splashing, breaking, and fissuring. People have said the effect reminds them of smoke, or watercolor paints, or gasoline rainbows in a sidewalk puddle. You get the idea.

Bump the quantity up or down below for how many yards you want dyed.

We will email you to get your color choices! See the notes & photos below to help you decide.

One color split not captivating enough? No worries, we got you. Add +$2/yard for each individual color. We recommend no more than 3 colors total per tray.

Notes on colors:

Ice dyeing created very cool results by “splitting” the intended solid into its component parts. For example, our Raven black is made up of many colors, which you can see on Rebekah’s shawl. When choosing yours, go for the deeper, moodier, stranger swatches that are more likely to be made up of lots of different colors. (That’s why you don’t see many primary colors here! A purpley-blue is going to do lots of cool things over ice compared to, say, a bright turquoise blue).


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