Dye Powder + Soda Ash shakers (for ice dyeing)


Here is where you can order extra amounts of our specially prepared dye powder + soda ash shakers. Perfect for ice dyeing– all you do is sprinkle it on. 28 colors to choose from!

1 color for $6, 2 colors for $12.
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Ice dyed cloth is FULL of surprises. Unlike bottle tie-dye where the colors you see are what you get, in ice dye the dyes split over the ice cubes and turn into many beautiful and surprising shades. This is what gives ice dye its gorgeous, ethereal properties. You will be fascinated by the results.

For use on fabric or clothing that is 100% made from plant fibers like cotton, rayon, linen, hemp, viscose, modal. These dyes will NOT work on polyester, nylon, or anything synthetic.

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Assembled in Asheville, NC by the team at WAXON Batik & Dye Studio LLC. Made with love and decades of experience in the home dyeing and professional tie-dye world.

Each shaker is designed with the right amounts of materials for about 2 yard of fabric, or three large t-shirts or more small items. If you sprinkle lightly, you could stretch it further! Please know your results may vary depending on how concentrated of an area you use the dye on.

———IMPORTANT: While children can use this kit, we strongly recommend adult supervision, as there are powdered chemicals that should not be ingested in any way. ———

We selected these colors for the excellent ways in which they each split over the ice. We think you’ll love them, too!


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in

Amber Waves, Amethyst, Avocado, Blue Grey, Bronze, Burgundy, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Deep Purple, Deep Yellow, Eggplant, Golden Brown, Indigo Blue, Kelly Green, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Mermaid's Dream, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Nightshade, Orange, Oxblood Red, Raven Black, Rust Brown, Sky Blue, Terracotta, Truffle Brown, Turquoise