Coral red batik leaves hand-dyed t-shirt


Our popular “falling leaves” design on a t-shirt, batiked once by us and then screenprinted onto a shirt that we hand dyed. A budget-friendly way to have a WAXON batik! Only left in sizes S & L, short sleeved.


Finally– we have an affordable batik option for those looking for handmade, but budget! How did we do it? This falling leaves batik design was hand painted with hot wax and layers of dye onto a cotton t-shirt, and then– we took a photo of it! Our favorite local screenprinters replicated the exact design, even down to the characteristic batik cracks. We still hand dyed the shirt itself, but the design is screen printed. Your purchase supports TWO local shops– ours, and the printers. And you get a fantastic price on a batik shirt!

These hand-dyed medium weight 100% cotton tees are currently available in two sizes:
S, and L.

Pre-shrunk and fade-proof!

NOTE: there is no batik design on the back of the shirt, just the plain hand-dyed color.


L, S


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