Brown batik feather t-shirt


Tribal feather brown batik shirt, hand batiked on the front and the unique mottling of background color on the back. The wax creates a resist for the dye, resulting in beautiful crackles of color.

Using a blend of local beeswax and paraffin waxes that we mix in our shop, we melt the wax and apply it in several layers to the fabric depending on the design, dyeing areas separately in each layer.

Once all the layers are complete and the dyes have been processed, we then hand boil the wax out of each piece, submersing them in a pot of boiling water and stirring to release the wax, then letting the entire pot cool so that we can collect the wax from the top of the pot to reuse again and again. It’s a closed-loop recycling system that we are very proud of!

Our batik t-shirts are created using the same professional fiber-reactive dyes we use for all of our garments. You can expect machine washable, dryer safe, fade-proof clothing for years to come!

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Gorgeous hand-painted feather batik design on a 100% cotton, crew-neck short sleeved tee. This unique shirt is comes in several sizes, all unisex. Read more about it below!


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