Ice Dye Bandana Kit


Now with 28 colors of professional dye powder to choose from, and an organic cotton bandana!

The perfectly prepared at-home kit for anyone curious about ice dyeing. Assembled in Asheville, NC by the team at WAXON Batik & Dye Studio LLC. Made with love and decades of experience in the home dyeing and professional tie-dye world.

28 colors to choose from. Your kit comes with one or two colors. Want MORE? Here’s more! 

Ice dyed cloth is FULL of surprises. Unlike bottle tie-dye where the colors you see are what you get, in ice dye the dyes split over the ice cubes and turn into many beautiful and surprising shades. This is what gives ice dye its gorgeous, ethereal properties. You will be fascinated by the results!

This kit comes mailed to you completely ready to start. Make sure you’ve got ice cubes, or swing by a local drive-in and ask for a cup of ice! You will need a few handfuls for this project. Doing something larger? Grab more ice. There’s plenty of dye in this kit to do a t-shirt or some yardage.

Buy a few kits and invite your friends over, or enjoy it on your own– this kit is the perfect fun craft to do on your own or with friends.

Please note: this kit is designed for the bandana(s) that it comes with. If you choose to use another item to dye, please know your results may vary (and only plant fibers will take color with these dyes).

Our Ice Dye Kit Includes:
-100% organic cotton bandana(s) pre-washed!
-1 pair of latex-free gloves
-lidded dyeing container, for no-mess, no-drips dyeing
-dye powder in a convenient shaker
-soda ash activator
-rubber bands
-instructions for ice dyeing
-instructions for washout

You’ll Only Need:
-tap water
-ice cubes

Your kit purchase comes with one of 28 great colors to ice dye with, but you can add another one right below.
We selected these colors for the excellent ways in which they each split over the ice. We think you’ll love them, too!


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28 colors to choose from. Your kit comes with one or two colors. Want MORE? Here’s more! 

———IMPORTANT: While children can use this kit, we strongly recommend adult supervision, as there are powdered chemicals that should not be ingested in any way. ———

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in

Amber Waves, Amethyst, Avocado, Blue Grey, Bronze, Burgundy, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Deep Purple, Deep Yellow, Eggplant, Golden Brown, Indigo Blue, Kelly Green, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Mermaid's Dream, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Nightshade, Orange, Oxblood Red, Raven Black, Rust Brown, Sky Blue, Terracotta, Truffle Brown, Turquoise