Pricing for classes & parties at WAXON Studio

Thanks for your interest in a tie-dye lesson (or party) for your work, team, or kids!

We provide all necessary items such as gloves, rags for cleaning up, tables to work on, etc. These prices are for t-shirts:

  • If you provide the shirts (prewashed, 100% plant fibers), and take them home to wash out yourself, cost is $30 per item. Professional washing instructions are provided & take-home bags for your items. 
  • If we provide shirts for you OR we launder them in the studio (2-4 business days), cost is $35 per item.
  • If we provide the dyeable items and launder them, cost is $40 per item.
  • Want to get a tie dye class for a friend? Our $30 gift certificates are perfect for that! 

Not interested in plain old t-shirts? No worries! We stock a rotating catalogue of dyeable items, from leggings to tapestries to long sleeved men’s and women’s items, and more. 

Larger items such as dresses, towels, or hoodies will incur extra fees (they take much more dye and soaking/spinning time). 

Contact us for additional pricing and to see what else is in stock. 

Batik pricing

Because of batik’s higher level of needs (electricity, time to melt the wax, limited number of people working safely at once station, space to spread your project out flat), we ask that parties are limited to 8 people, and that they be held at our studio.

Interested in hosting a batik class at your space? Contact us to go over site requirements.

  • For batik, we provide the item (one of our cotton mini-tapestries, approx. 20″ to 27″ square)
  • We provide full processing on your item after you leave (we will cure, wash, boil, and dry your item for you, unless you would like to do these things yourself at home). 
  • $70/person includes all materials and processing
  • Want to purchase a batik class for a friend? Our $70 gift certificates are designed for that! 

Preview Jess’s teaching style in this video. 


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