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batik in india

Learn from local artisans and watch the process from start to finish. Lessons on materials, techniques, processes and history.

With your host and guide, Jessica Kaufman (M.A. Crafts Education; owner, WAXON Studio)

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  • arrival

Arriving in the Gujarat region, venturing from the largest city Ahmedabad to the western region of Kutch, near the Pakistan border

  • getting aquainted

Meeting the people of the workshop: the artists, their families, and the workers who have trained in the arts

  • the region

What other handwork traditions are alive in the part of the world? Who is working on what, and how long have they been doing it this way?

  • patterns

Learn traditional patterns in the area for batik, block printing and hand dyeing fabrics

  • dye process

Explore what kind of dyes we’re using, how they are sourced, proportions for mixing, and how long to cure. 

  • food & drink

Enjoy the finest cuisine Gujarat has to offer, from local Indian street food to the artists’ families home cooking.

welcome to gujarat

Don't miss footage of historic buildings, textile workshops, fabric shopping, street food dining, and artisans' studios.