Textile art lessons in Asheville!

The classic! As soon as you enter the studio space, you will be surrounded by colorful examples of the things that you can tie-dye. Think amazing t-shirts, crazy socks, cool bags, sophisticated summer dresses… if it’s dyeable, we can show you how! You’ll explore multiple ways to fold, twist, cinch, and bind fabric while learning traditional direct-application tie-dye (with squeeze bottles), and beyond. We will discuss how to get gorgeous— not campy— results. You’ll receive easy to understand information about the chemistry behind the dyes, strategies for how to replicate a dye studio for cheap at home, and the best ways to get the results you want. We bet it’ll be the best tie-dye you’ve ever made. Sign up for level 1 here! Already a tie-dyer? Check out level 2 or advanced (coming soon). 

At first, ice dye was something we thought was just a passing fad, a silly “additional” trick you could do with fiber-reactive dyes… and then we tried it. The results are mind-blowingly beautiful and complex, and so very eye-catching! Jess’s years of tie-dyeing in the traditional way was turned on its head, just like that! We soak the garment in soda ash fixative and tie it up just like a “normal” tie-dye, but then, instead of mixing dye powders with water and applying it with bottles, we cover the garment in ice cubes and apply the dye powder directly on top of the cubes! As the ice melts, the professional dyes are diluted and deposited organically, creating insanely cool fissures and shading that we could never achieve with bottles. Try it, you’ll love how easy it is!

Explore how hot wax drips and drops through the applicator called a tjant (or “tjanting tool” as most of us call it!).  These tools are carefully handmade in a small village with all copper parts and Teak wood handles. The USA-made versions use brass instead of copper, and we find that they are each useful for different styles and applications. If you can already draw– you’re in luck! Learning to use a tjanting tool is similar to using a paintbrush… well, sort of. And if you can’t draw, fear not! The tool adds lots of drips & splashes making anything you create look organic and mysterious. Batik is recommended for middle schoolers and older; hot wax can burn and new batikers often spill on their fingers as they learn. Sign up here

A specialty of the studio– thanks to our 3-week long Indian batik intensive homestay visit in February, 2018. Jess spent 21 days learning alongside a fifth-generation batik artisan and his family, studying everything about the tools, the prints, the fabrics, and the dyes. Thirteen hand-carved teak stamps were shipped back to WAXON exclusively for use here in the studio! These are not the same kind of wooden print-making stamps that most visitors to India get to see, as they are specially planned and carved for use in hot wax. Come have an incredibly rare experience learning how to stamp hot wax  in the style of traditional Gujarati batikers. Read the article about Jess’s trip here, and become a fan of her mentor’s work here


Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on what you want to learn! Basic tie-dye starts at $30 per person, and batik is $70 per person. You can see a much more detailed pricing schedule here

Most people take about 1 hour for tie-dye, ice-dye, shibori, and overseeing. Batik is much more intensive and usually takes around 2 hours. Of course, it depends on how you approach your art! Some folks throw caution to the wind and fly through it; some people are more detail-oriented and take longer. 

In short: yes please! WAXON is a working textile studio and we are often making our small-batch clothing in the space. If you’d like to come in, we’ll clear the tables for you! Just book online (or if that’s not working give us a call or shoot us an email.)

Heck yes to your human friends and family! We have tiny tie-dye bottles and step-stools for elementary-school aged kiddos, and we love hosting groups of people no matter how they know each other. Friends, families, co-workers… it’s all good. Unfortunately pets are not allowed in the space. 

You’re in luck: YOU make the schedule! We are open Tuesdays through Sundays, 10am – 6pm, and you can get in touch with us to tell us what you’d like to learn and if you’d like to bring others with you. From private 1-on-1 sessions to large groups, the cost is the same per person no matter what. 

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