Info on cellulose fibers


Because we only use low-impact, cold process, fiber reactive dyes at WAXON Studio, we are committed to teaching you about the best practices for getting professional results.

It’s all about the chemistry: fiber reactive dyes work on cellulose fibers, which are fibers that come from plants.

You can dye anything that  is made up of all or any of these fibers:


linen/ flax










Many fabrics these days are blended with a bit of stretch, which is fine. A garment tag that says 10% spandex or less will still dye up just fine. 

What can’t dye? Anything synthetic, like polyester or nylon. If it’s more than 10%, you’re going to start seeing faded looking results in your dye job. Some people don’t mind, but we like to keep it natural!  

If you are bringing your own items in to dye, please, check the tag

And pre-wash without perfumes or softeners for best results! 

*silk is a little different with our dyes, because it is technically a protein fiber (it’s made by worms!). The dyes might be a little different in shade than what is projected for cellulose fibers… but we do it all the time. 😉